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With trees being an abundant natural resource in many parts of the world, mankind has utilized them to generate homes, buildings and bridges for centuries.  Today we still do, but with the added knowledge generated through research funded by the National Forest Products Association (NFPA) and expressed in The National Design Specification (NDS), our structures optimize the unique properties of a variety of tree species.  Wood provides a light and very flexible material that has been utilized greatly in the construction of residential structures.

With the present trend towards utilizing renewable resources, wood continues to be a leading material in the
construction industry.  Properly engineered, wood products provide safe and economical structures that can
sustain the design loads prescribed by the latest building codes.  

Wood construction now often combines wood studs and joists with “engineered” wood products like plywood or
oriented strand board (OSB), laminated veneer lumber (LVL), wood I-joists that use sheathing for a web and
LVL or natural wood flanges.  The American Plywood Association (APA) provided significant research over the last 70 years allowing many advances in the application of wood products to construction.  As of 1994 it is now called The Engineered Wood Association.

Having designed with wood since the 1990’s, Engineering Techniques, Inc. can help you best implement the wide range of wood materials now available into your next project.

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